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Woodworking Tips in Moving Tools:

ver time, any woodworker is likely to collect a number of useful tools which can oftentimes be heavy, or even be bulky. This can give you really daunting thoughts when you’re planning to move to a new shop, whether it’s just a block away or across the country. So, here are a few tips you might need when moving tools around.

Think: Machines First!

If you’ve already gone way comfortable in establishing your wood shop, it’s likely that you’re dealing with bulky and heavy woodworking tools like the table saw, band saw, wood lathes, etc. When you’re deciding to relocate your shop, these should be your top concern because not only do they weigh a lot, sometimes the critical parts are also made of unstable and even brittle cast iron. That said, if you don’t protect your tools adequately, they can easily break off when they’re transported.

Most of the self-moving options aren’t always conducive when you’re moving heavy woodworking equipment because you need to correctly maneuver these up ramps or have a lot of hands to help you out and it can get really dangerous. Although professional movers may do the job, they can be a very expensive choice (that is, if they will agree to such heavy tasks).

If you’re moving tools which are really heavy (like those made of cast iron), try and ask around for “riggers” in your neighborhood because their specialty is moving heavy objects. Although their services are a bit costly, you can arrange them to pick the items up, ready them for transportation (either with the movers or your trucking company), and have them deliver and install the equipment too. Just be sure that the riggers you choose are bonded and well insured so you’ll have the peace of mind just knowing that your biggest concerns are in good hands.

Self Moving the Tools

If you’re up to the challenge and self-move the entire shop, you need to consider good companies that provide you with personal, moving containers. Most of these companies will deliver to you the containers for loading, pick them up, and move them to your new location. In most cases this can be a good idea if you’re really that determine but you need to remember that each of those containers have their own weight limits so always plan accordingly.

Whichever moving method you choose, always consider having mobile bases with the heaviest tools. While you can get these for most of the machines, if you only need these to move tools once, you might want to build the base yourself instead of buying one.

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