What kind of screw should I use? Woodworking Basics

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When you decide to venture into the world of woodworking, it is imperative that you have the proper woodworker tools. This leads to higher quality finished products, as well as a smoother building process. When just beginning, it can be difficult to know which tools are really needed. Of course, a basic saw, a hammer, nails, and a tape measure are obvious choices. However, woodworking tools go way beyond this.

Perhaps the most obvious of woodworker tools is the hammer. The most versatile is a claw hammer. A 20-ounce one seems to be ideal, and choose one with a smooth, slightly rounded head. A tape measure is also a necessity. Be sure it is retractable, and that is has a lock. This will free a partner from having to hold the tape measure for you, and allow them to work on other things.

Of course it is also priceless when working alone. A utility knife is a tool that a woodworker should never be without. One that uses disposable razor blades and had a locking mechanism is very useful. It can be used for cleaning a hinge, marking, and has hundreds of other uses. A level is also a must have, as it is impossible to ensure level building without one.

Screwdrivers are needed, but be sure you have a good variety. Several sizes of flat head and Phillips screwdrivers can come in handy, and well as star, square head and Torx drivers. Keep several sizes of well sharpened chisels within easy reach. These are good not only for chiseling, but also for cleaning out hard to reach tight spaces and corners.

A sliding bevel can also come in handy. This is similar to a square, but it allows for the angle to be changed by sliding one side against the other. It will then lock in place to hold the angle as long as necessary, making it one of the most valuable of woodworker tools when needing to duplicate angles.

Though there are numerous woodworker tools on the market, these are the basics that make getting started the easiest. Do not skimp on tool quality. Go ahead and spend the extra money necessary to purchase high quality tools. Nothing will get finished if your tools keep breaking in the middle of projects. High quality tools can last for years, assuming you have a good sharpener for metal edges. With the right tools, a whole world of woodworking is at your fingertips.

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